Short Implant

SHORT IMPLANT Even if they are 6.0 mm length, allows the realization of surgical procedures without bone graft even in cases of advanced tissue resorption.

Mini Implant

MINI IMPLANT The MINI IMPLANT system meets the growing clinical need to have small diameter implants for instant stabilisation of total prostheses. Designed for long-term rehabilitation and conceived for excellent clinical results.

ACTIVE Implant

ACTIVE IMPLANT Tapered implant that, thanks to its special spiral design, facilitates the users in the realization of Ridge Expansion procedures. The exceptional self tapping power of the thread, provides an excellent bone condensing and a high primary stability even in very complex clinical cases. Implogic AT is recommended in cases of post extraction implants and in case of poor quality bone.

Parallel Implant

PARALLEL IMPLANT Fixture with cylindrical body and a conical apex. Modulating the surgical procedure it is indicated in all bone types; even in the case of non-compact bone it is able to achieve a good primary stability. You can use it for any type of prosthetic restoration, screwed and cemented. Using the concept of platform switching allows you to better manage the soft tissue in the area of the implant – abutment interface, and reduce peri-implant bone resorption over time.

Implassic FTP

IMPLASSIC IMPLANT ORA Dental Implant GHBH’s FTP implant line offers clinicians versatility of use that makes this type of implant suitable for any surgical indication.

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